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You are welcome to suggest us your own project to be shared on if it connects to Nizhny Novgorod, Russia in any way. Feel free to contact us to discuss the way we can cooperate.

Мы всегда готовы обсудить возможность размещения вашего проекта на страницах сайта, если он каким-либо образом связан с городом Нижний Новгород. Присылайте ваши предложения для дальнейшего обсуждения.

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Nizhny Novgorod International Relations

Twins & Partners

Twin cities

Tampere (Finland)
Linz (Austria)
Philadelphia (the USA)
Jinan (China)
Essen (Germany)
Kharkov (the Ukraine)
Matanzas (Cuba)
Suwon (South Korea)
Sant Boi (Spain)
Novi Sad (Serbia)
Minsk (Belarus)

Twins are the cities that the agreements about closer relations are signed with. Such agreements may include the items about development of cultural, social, economic, sports, and educational cooperation. Twin cities status lets apply to different international and European organizations for the joint projects support.
Partner cities

Bologna (Italy)
Brno (Czechia)
Leipzig (Germany)
Kazan (Russia)

Partners are the cities that association agreements are signed with (aligned with some particular project(s)).

Foreign Cultural and Educational Centres

Japanese Centre
ul. Gorkogo, 117, office 1101, tel +7 831 296 0920, fax +7 831 296 0921,

French Centre of Education and Culture "Alliance francaise de Nijni Novgorod"
ul. Osharskaya, 18/1 (3d floor), tel +7 831 430 3242,

Swedish Centre,

Centre of German Culture after Goethe under LUNN (Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod)
Russian and German Centre of Cultural Contact under LUNN
Regional Centre of French Language under LUNN
Centre of Austrian Culture (Austrian Library) under LUNN
Centre of Italian Culture (Italian Library) under LUNN
Centre of Spanish Culture under LUNN
Centre of Turkish Culture under LUNN
American Information Resource Centre under LUNN
Japanese Cultural and Eeducational Centre under LUNN

Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod
ul. Minina, 31A, Nizhny Novgorod
tel +7 831 436 9656,,
Department of International Affairs: tel +7 831 436 2049, fax +7 831 436 2049,

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